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Viandas was established in 2009 with the philosophy of serving fresh, balanced meals cooked and prepared on site. All products are produced from their very own Haciendas farm in the Duoro Valley in Spain. Their continuing delivery of full flavour, low-calorie food designed to fulfil dietary needs is the cornerstone of Viandas Food cooking.

At Leadenhall Market you will find London’s best jamón Pata Negra, together with pure Iberico charcuterie, award-winning farm cheeses, fine foods and wines to enjoy while eating in, taking out or relaxing at home. The HACIENDA ZORITA DEHESA DE SALAMANCA® is the original product produced by Viandas and is selected, cured, processed and packaged by their very own staff.

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday | 10.30am – 8.30pm

020 3868 7291